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4 Top Faves From Our Ambassadors

There are so many incredible places in the Kimberley Australia and that is no boast. The ambassadors of The Kimberley Australia are passionate about this region and love getting out to explore our backyard.

I’m sure you’ve heard of many beautiful locations, including the ones below; however, we wanted to tell you our favourite ‘go-to’ places and why we love them so much.

All of our ambassadors work in either the tourism or photography industry, and these are 4 of the ‘Top Faves’ they recommend.

Jon Corpus

1. James Price Point

“My Fave Place would have to be the area around and North of James Price Point. Being on one of the most unique roads around Australia, there is just something so calming with the red cliffs, blue ocean and white sand that makes me feel home.”

~ Jon Corpus


Photo by Yawuru Wanderer


Photo by Yawuru Wanderer

Dylan Lodge

2. Ord River

“My favourite place is of course the Ord River! The river has such a diverse range of environments and ecosystems associated with it. There is the tidal lower reaches with vast mudflats, schools of popeye mullet 1000’s strong and is teaming with the mighty barramundi.


Then there is the section commonly referred to as the lower Ord. Still tidal yet further upstream from the vast mudflats, this area is a mecca for large saltwater crocodiles, on any given day during the dry season you could see in excess of 10 4m+ crocs along with many other species of wildlife.


Saltwater croc. Image by B. Connell


Photo taken by @howell_sue

Above the diversion dam, there is the area referred to as Lake Kununurra. This 55km section of the Ord is the true gem! A consistent freshwater level has created one of the most unique and diverse ecosystems in the Kimberley. Endless amounts of bird species, one of the highest density of freshwater crocodiles in Australia, rock wallaby’s and the list goes on. All integrated in a beautiful sub-tropical rainforest type of vegetation mixed with towering red cliffs that have the most incredible waterfalls pouring off them during the wet season. And the best part….. you can swim in it!! There are no saltwater crocodiles above the diversion dam so it is safe to use recreationally.”

~ Dylan Lodge


Triple J Tours on the Ord River ~ Photo from BethybyDesign


Play time ~ Photo by Salty Wings

Scotty Connell

3. Lake Argyle

“Lake Argyle is my fave.

The surrounding ranges are my favourite to hike in, the Islands are amazing to camp on and the water is the best in the world for wakeboarding. It’s so fresh, so I love drinking it.”

~ Scotty Connell


Lake Argyle ~ Photo by Salty Wings


Swimming in Lake Argyle ~ photo by Elise Cook

Melissa Connell

4. Reddell Beach

“My favourite place in the Kimberley would have to be Reddell Beach. It’s just around the corner from the lighthouse in Broome and it’s a seldom-visited beach, but so beautiful with its craggy pindan cliffs. When I was a grom growing up in Broome, we loved taking the 4×4 down the red dirt road to Reddell Beach, which would turn into a red river during rains. Reddell picks up some decent cyclone swell, as you can see by some of these old photos of Matty Morris. I have so many good childhood memories at Reddells.”

~ Melissa Connell


Reddell Beach, Broome ~ Photo provided by Melissa Connell


Matty Morris at Reddell Beach ~ Photo provided by Melissa


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