For many, the Kimberley is considered Australia’s final frontier. Wild and remote, it’s a massive region that is three times the size of the UK (and bigger than 75% of the world’s countries!) The raw beauty of the region must be seen to be believed. Whether you see the Kimberley by land or sea, you will leave here feeling enriched and spellbound by the raw beauty of this isolated part of Australia.

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100 things to see in the Kimberley is rich in photos of stunning places to visit, has well set out maps and breaks the Kimberley into iconic, easy to navigate sections. Scotty injects his sense of wonder and knowledge into the book, with bite size pieces of information and photos of each place he suggests is worth a visit. Kate & Rob, Adventure Mumma Blog
Once I opened the pages, I couldn’t put it down, mentally ticking off places we had already visited and marking those that we had missed. If you are planning a trip to the Kimberley, then this book is a must if you want to get the most of your trip. Chris Morton, Western 4x4 Magazine
Initially, when looking at those example pages, I was disappointed. Nothing special here, shallow, no real info. Or so I thought. I am glad I asked for the review copy because there is more to this book. Many of the other pages DO contain the insider info that I had been expecting of someone like Scotty and I found many little tidbits that were new even to me. Birgit, Author Destination Kimberley
The innocuous sounding title of this book makes it one that could be easily overlooked but, with many of its images as striking as the cover, it has a lot to offer. It is packed with information and each of the 100 things it covers has space allocated for readers to jot down their own notes. Written by a local guide who grew up listening to his Broome neighbour Malcolm Douglas telling stories about exploring the Kimberley, it offers down-to-earth commentary and tips on the best time to visit each place. Cathie Clement, The Kimberley Society
Hype aside, what sets this book apart is that it’s not just another guide full of maps, distances and mileage charts. While it does contain basic maps, they are just for putting the Kimberley and all places mentioned into context. This book is all about what to do once you’ve used the other maps and guide book to get there, and as such it’s a great quick reference guide. Richard Robertson, IMotorhome
We thought we’d visited most of The Kimberley attractions, but Scotty’s book showed us a few that we haven’t seen… The format of Scotty’s book is unusual, in that it’s not a collection of different travel itineraries. Instead, it lists and illustrates with brilliant photography the principal points of interest in what is a very large area of North Western Australia, letting readers pick and choose what they find most most interesting. Allan Whiting, Outback Travel Australia

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