For many, the Kimberley is considered Australia’s final frontier. Wild and remote, it’s a massive region that is three times the size of the UK (and bigger than 75% of the world’s countries!) The raw beauty of the region must be seen to be believed. Whether you see the Kimberley by land or sea, you will leave here feeling enriched and spellbound by the raw beauty of this isolated part of Australia.

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Broome &

The Dampier Peninsula

From white sand and endless turquoise seas at Cable Beach, dinosaur footprints and magnificent pinyin cliffs at Gantheaume Point, a staircase to the moon, Chinatown, the world’s oldest open-air picture garden and Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park –  Broom offers it all!

Places to See
Cable Beach

Thanks to Broome’s position near the equator, this 22km stretch of white sand and turquoise sea is enjoyable alomst all year-round.

Cable Beach is the perfect place to relax or treat yourself to an iconic camel ride at sunset.

Gantheaume Point

A lighthouse, dinosaur footprints and magnificent pindan cliffs…

Unlike a lot of coastal points that feature lighthouses, it’s not the lighthouse that draws the visitors here. No, it’s the desert-meets-sea landscape of red rock and turquoise water.

Streeter’s Jetty

An historic jetty used by pearling luggers in the 1890s, now a popular tourist attraction.

Sun Pictures

Found the in heart of Broome’s Chinatown is the world’s oldest open-air picture garden.

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